Monday, February 9, 2015

Our 3 Year Anniversary

Rise and Shine!

     We were up early to make it to California Adventure for magic morning! Magic morning is when a designated park is open an hour earlier for hotel guests. We knew we wanted to make it over to check out Olaf's Snow Fest. It was our number one priority since Liam loves his Frozen and he's only met Anna before.
Olaf's Snow Fest
7 A.M. and ready to meet Olaf!
     We walked right into Olaf's Snow Fest and were greeted with this
So Pretty!
     There was no line to meet Olaf. Unfortunately for Liam, seeing a larger than life Olaf when you're half awake wasn't the most fun idea for him.
Liam's not quite sure about Olaf
Liam giving Mama a warm hug instead
     After a not so successful meet with Olaf, we went to go play in the snow. Liam loved this!
He kept picking up the snow and saying "Cold! Cold!"
     There still wasn't a line for Olaf and Liam was able to wake up a little more. So we asked him if he wanted to see Olaf again and he nodded yes. We crossed our fingers and hoped for a better meet and greet. This is what we go:
High fives for Olaf!
     Overall, we absolutely loved visiting Olaf's Snow Fest. We are glad we went straight here during magic morning because as soon as the park officially opened for all guests, there was a long line immediately. It was so calm and quiet when we were in there. Liam had so much room to run around in the snow and we were able to let him roam free without worrying about him getting trampled by other children or adults. We also got to meet Olaf twice! When you visit California Adventure and especially if you, your child, or anyone in your party are big Frozen fans, definitely go check it out!

     When we were done with Olaf, we still had a good amount of time before the park officially opened to guests so we headed over to try and ride Monsters Inc. It wasn't open yet, but we did notice a familiar face and went to line up for Sulley! Liam recognized him and pointed him out from afar, but when it was our turn to say hello, he was not having it. He wanted nothing to do with him and he chose the farthest place to be for the picture!
Liam was not having it!
     Then off to our beloved Animation Building! We had our wedding reception here and it was seriously one of the best nights of our lives. We even have friends still tell us they wish they could relive that night with us! Every year when we've visited the parks, we make sure to take pictures at all the spots we shared amazing memories at during our wedding.
January 19, 2012
D. Park Photography
January 19, 2015
    Of course we headed inside and noticed a lot of changes! First off, "Once Upon a Time" has been changed to Arendelle! We noticed that they added some clips from Frozen on to the screens. Liam loved when Olaf appeared. Then we quickly realized that the Anna and Elsa meet and greet was now inside the Animation Building.
D. Park Photography
Liam cant keep his eyes off of Olaf!
     We quickly headed over to line up in the literally non existent line. What a difference from 6 months ago when we lined up for about an hour to meet Anna. Now we only were in line for about 5 minutes before we were able to meet Anna AND Elsa! It was a major difference meeting Anna and Elsa this time versus when he first met Anna. Before he was shy and would bury his head into my chest. Now, while waiting in line he was singing "Let it Go" and when we finally got up to see the sisters, he had his eyes glued to Elsa the entire time. When the girls paid a little too much attention to Liam, he quickly tried to divert their attention to Calvin by pointing to him and saying "Daddy!". We later noticed that every time he met a Princess and he felt uncomfortable, he would try and direct her attention to daddy. We posed for a picture and you can see that Liam is trying to show his best Elsa with a little hand pose.
Liam loves Elsa
Posing like Elsa
     We then decided to go check out, For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Singalong Celebration. We ended up getting fast passes for the second showing at 10:30 and we had about 2 hours to kill before then. So we headed over to our wedding ride, The Little Mermaid~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure. Love this ride so much! Liam was more aware of everything and waved to Ariel and Prince Eric at the end. It was the cutest
D. Park Photography
Visiting our wedding ride
D. Park Photography
Liam was intrigued with all the beautiful colors on the ride.
Afterwards, we headed over to Cars Land. I was getting a little rumbly in my tumbly and had to get my hands on my favorite churro bites! Definitely a must have when visiting Cars Land. Head over to the cozy cone and grab yourself some the next time you're there! I'm actually craving some right now.
Even little Liam loved his churro bites so much he had to photobomb my picture!
     Then we saw Lightening McQueen and we had to stop for a picture with him. One of Liam's first words was "car" and that was thanks to his good pals, Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater. So you know we had to go say "hello".
Lightening McQueen
     As we were saying bye to Lightning, Liam kept saying "Car! Car!" and the cast member kept laughing and saying "yes, he is a car!"

     We checked the time and realized it was 10 and we should go over and start lining up for the Frozen singalong. It was super cute and I enjoyed it. Liam on the other hand, he didn't understand that it was a "singalong". In the beginning, he was getting angry at me and everyone else who was singing along. He would mumble some gibberish and swat his hands around as if to tell us to stop. I couldn't stop laughing.

Liam was singing "Let it Go" before the show started
He is so into it
The whole gang!
     When the show was over, we headed out and found someone who was on the top of our list: Doc McStuffins! Liam has been loving Doc McStuffins recently. He loves watching her on TV, he sings along with her theme song, he has a Doc plush that he sleeps with, and he has the figurine set from the Disney store. He loves her. So I dart over and get in line. Liam sees her and gets so excited. He kept screaming "Doc! Doc!" and doesn't quite understand that we have to wait in line. When we are next, he is literally dragging me to go up to her.
Liam couldn't wait!
Fist bumps with Doc
     Soon we realize time is escaping us and Liam's nap time was coming up quick. We decided to head out to grab Liam some lunch, revisit our ceremony venue to take our traditional picture, and then rush back to the room to feed Liam and put him down for his nap. 
     After our family nap, we got back up and headed back into Disneyland to finish off our day. We knew exactly where we were headed first and that was to Liam's favorite ride, Its A Small World. But first we had to stop in front of the castle. Its the standard picture you must take whenever visiting Disneyland!
     Our cruises around the world just keep getting better with Liam. Every time we take him on it, he always does something different. He learned how to say "Small World" this trip and would always ask to ride it. Then we headed over to Alice in Wonderland. My all time favorite movie and one of my favorite rides in Disneyland. Afterwards, we decided to head out of the park to ESPN Zone for dinner and Calvin really wanted to build a car with Liam at Ridemakerz.
Father and son bonding
He was so proud of his car and insisted on carrying it by himself
      I know, how could we decide to call it a night already at the parks? We only did two attractions. It was actually quite simple. When you have an 18 month old, an early flight the next morning, and 10 days in Walt Disney World coming up, it was the easiest decision to make. Our main goal with visiting Disneyland this trip was just to relive our wedding day and that is exactly what we did. We started it off by having lunch and sharing hugs with two very important friends who have become family and who helped make our wedding day unbelievably amazing! It's only natural we always see them during our anniversary! We were able to visit all our special places, plus we got to get in some must-dos for Liam like meeting Olaf and Doc McStuffin. We also made sure we got in Liam's favorite ride and mine since Alice in Wonderland isn't an attraction in Walt Disney World.
     Needless to say, we were excited to begin our next adventure. I was feeling quite anxious about our plane ride because I know my son and I know he has a lot of energy. How were we going to keep him occupied on a flight for 5 hours?! Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm so glad to read that your 3rd anniversary was a success! I love that you re-live your magical day and that you're introducing Liam to your special traditions since he was way too young the last time and not even here the first time! How cool that you got to see the Frozen stuff all by yourselves practically. I was going to say that 7am is so early, but I guess with a baby you're probably up way before that so it's no big deal right? lol I didn't realize that they changed the inside of the Animation building so much to include Arendelle. I know it's temporary, but it sucks for the couples trying to get pics with the walls for their e-pics. lol Anyway, happy anniversary once again and I'm looking forward to reading all about your WDW leg of the trip. :D