Monday, April 22, 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant

I can't believe I am officially 7 months pregnant already! Just about 83 more days to go.

28 weeks and 1 day today!
     According to some sources, now is the official start to the third trimester, while others say anywhere between 25-28 weeks. Super confusing! Regardless, at this point I'm in the third trimester and I have slowly started to see a difference. The second trimester was a breeze and I was feeling better than ever. I rarely had anything to complain about besides the leg cramps I would get when I slept.

How I'm Feeling Physically:

     Exhausted. There can be multiple reasons for this other than just growing Liam. Calvin doesn't have a set work schedule. Being a General Manager for nine different concepts in the airport, calls for him to be at work at different times of the day depending on whats going on. Sometimes he has to go in at 4 A.M. and sometimes he has to go in at 9:30 PM.With that said, he also is a DEEP sleeper. When I say deep, I mean I could splash cold water on his face and he wont budge. So when his alarm goes off, guess who wakes up to basically wake him up? ME! Also to make matters worse, deep sleeping comes with INTENSE snoring. This is my nightly formula: Tired Mommy + Snoring Daddy + Active Liam + leg cramps + trying to find a comfy position + 3 fur babies on the bed + Daddy's alarm going off non stop in the morning = a very sick and tired preggo. I'm basically the last to sleep and the first to rise. So for everyone's advice on trying to get as much sleep as possible, I'm trying but its extremely difficult. Even with the naps, I can't nap too long because then I really can't sleep at night and I need to start cooking around 5:00 to be able to eat at a decent hour for Liam.

     I've also been experiencing more headaches. I have read that headaches can be a bad sign in the third trimester and could be a sign of preeclampsia if paired with the symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling, and protein in the urine. My blood pressure has been fine, no swelling, and the headaches I'm been experiencing feel more like sinus headaches. I feel a lot of pressure, especially when bending down. This past week I've had it twice and it was not pleasant at all.

     I'm also a lot hungrier more frequently which worries the heck out of me because I've been trying to watch my weight gain. I am trying to make a more conscious effort with the foods I eat. I try not to go out to restaurants if we don't need too. I've been cooking a lot more and definitely staying away from fast food. Of course every once in awhile I may have a fish filet and fries from Mc Donalds, but I'm happy to say I've stayed away from In N Out and their delicious animal style fries for a few months already!

How I'm feeling Emotionally:

     I am a big mess of emotions! They weren't kidding when they say that your hormones go haywire

     For the most part, I have been in a great mood and I love being pregnant. This is such a joyous time in my life and its a time I have dreamed about since I was a child. There are so many things I can't wait to teach and show Liam. I am excited and anxiously awaiting his arrival! I love feeling him kick, move and hiccup in my belly. Usually when I'm feeling down, I just need to feel him move and it makes my life so much better. There are a million and one different things going on in my life right now that are probably contributing to feeling down, but that's a different story. When it comes down to it, nothing else matters except my love, Liam.

Baby Buys:

     Calvin and I were able to pick up some stuff this past week! 

We purchased some bedding and decor for Liam's Monster's Inc themed nursery and his first cloth diaper! Yes, we have chosen to cloth diaper our love. I'm actually working on a post right now on our decision so keep checking if you're interested!
Monster's Inc bumper, changing pad cover, crib mattress sheet, a boa blanket, and a Charlie Banana cloth diaper
We went to the mall this past weekend and picked up matching shirts from American Apparel for Liam and our dog Gus Gus. I can't wait to see the two of them hanging out! I hope they become the best of friends.

Oh! We also celebrated Calvin's birthday this past week! Yay! Happy Birthday Daddy-to-be! 
Our little Tan Family, just missing Meeko and Nemo
 So that's pretty much how I'm doing in a nutshell. Any questions or comments, feel free to drop a line below! Anything you want to hear about next? I love getting the feedback :)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too much sugar? Glucose Tolerance Test Time!

     Before getting pregnant, I was not a big fan of dessert or sweets. I hated chocolate and would always get the same response, "How can you not like chocolate?!". I would have rather had another helping to dinner than to go for a dessert. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the occasional soft serve and I was a fan of fruit candy like skittles and sour straws. But it wasn't something I wanted to have all the time or craved. 

     Fast forward to now and I have been obsessed with cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, even chocolate! At first I thought I must be having a girl. The old wives tale states that if a pregnant woman craves sweets, she will have a girl and if she craves salty, she will have a boy. Well I'm living proof this is wrong! Liam is a little boy and he LOVES his sweets, which I know exactly why! He gets it from his daddy. Calvin love love loves sweets. I even remember when I first went out to eat with Calvin and his family, we went to a Japanese restaurant and instead of looking for their entree first, they went straight to the dessert menu! So Liam is already turning out to be a mini me of his daddy.

      I have always known about the glucose tolerance test and gestational diabetes. Once I started realizing I wanted chocolate, of all things, I started to worry. Did that stop me? No. Bad mommy, I know. It is just so hard to resist! I felt so much better and happier once I had that chocolate cake in my tummy and Liam sure loved it as he kicked with joy. Well because I knew I was horrible with self control on sweets, I tried finding other ways to cut down on my sugar intake. I've been trying to cook more at home because I know the exact ingredients in my meals, it saves money, and its cleaner. Whenever we would eat carbs, I would try to look for whole grain pasta, tortillas, and brown rice. If I was craving ice cream, I'd go for frozen yogurt. What was difficult is that we just celebrated Easter and we just attended a baby shower and they both had my favorite cake at the moment, Nothing Bundt Cake's White Chocolate Raspberry. Oh my goodness, if you have never tried one, please go get one right now! You will not be disappointed.

      Well today was the day of the dreaded glucose tolerance test! All of yesterday, I tried my best to stay away from any sweets and tried not to eat any carbs last night. I also made sure I didn't eat anything after 7:30 pm except for water. I made my appointment for 8:15 am, but ended up getting up extra early due to nerves and made it to the lab around 7:45 am. As I checked in, my heart was beating fast and my anxiety was high. The lab assistant checked me in and reminded me that I would be there for two hours. I smiled and said " oh I know, I came prepared!". Luckily my wonderful hubby told me to rent a movie on our Ipad to keep me entertained. What was my movie of choice? Olive and Company! 

       After registering, I sat and waited for all the paper work to go through and get printed. Soon my name was called and I was asked to go into Room 1 and have a seat. I sat there waiting for a good 5 mins. when it was finally time to get my blood drawn. The first out of three times. I've been getting so many blood tests during this pregnancy that it no longer scares me or hurts. I lifted up the sleeve to my right arm, fist clenched, needle in, fist relaxed, blood drawn, hold the cotton, and wrapped up. Then I was given the infamous orange drink! Now I have heard horror stories about how nasty this drink is and how its so difficult to get down. So I was totally prepared for the worse. Well I was given the drink and the lab technician told me I have 5 minutes to finish all of the drink. He checked the time and said "Good, 8:15. Now drink". I took the first sip and it was not bad at all! It kind of tasted like a flat Sunkist orange soda. So I'm sitting there, drinking my drink and there is another patient waiting in the room to get her blood drawn. She was an older woman and the way the two chairs are set up in that room, she is facing me. The entire time I drank my drink, she just stared at me. Boy was it nerve wrecking. On top of the lab technician constantly checking the time to make sure I finished in 5 mins, this lady was super intrigued and would not stop staring. Awkward! The pressure was on to finish and although the taste was not that bad, it was ice cold and the faster I drank, the stronger the brain freeze! With two minutes remaining, I took my last and final sip. The lab technician told me at 9:18 and 10:18 is when I have to get my blood drawn for the next two times. He also told me not to eat anything which I already knew, but he also said no water! He said the water would dilute things, so I was stuck with this nasty feeling on my tongue from all the sugar. I also found out that I couldn't even walk around because they didn't want me to burn off the sugar. Now I  SIT and wait. 

      I sat down and was feeling fine and then as time went on, I started to feel light headed and nauseous. I'm very lucky to have such a loving hubby with a flexible work schedule. He accompanied me and stayed by my side throughout the whole test. Thank goodness too because having him there and being able to outwardly express my discomfort helped me. If I didn't keep myself calm, I probably would have thrown all of it back up within that first hour. There was another young lady there with me doing the same test. I felt so bad for her because right before she was going to get her second round of blood drawn, she vomited. She was told to go home and come back the next day or when she felt better to retake the test. At that moment, I just prepped my mind to hold out for one more hour because I did not want to take this test again if I didn't absolutely have to! While I waited I finished up some "thank you" cards and the hubs and I watched Liam kick. He must have been on a sugar high after that drink!

      At 9:15, the lab technician called me into the room and told me to wait in there as it would soon be time for the next round of blood to be drawn. This time they had to take it out of my left arm. Clenched fist, needle in, relaxed fist, blood drawn, hold the cotton, and wrapped up. Then back outside to wait for the last hour. Since Oliver and Company was about an hour and some minutes long, I started up my movie. It helped time go by so much faster! Soon it was 10:15 and my name was called again to go sit in the room and wait. I have no idea why, it could be because I was delirious from no water, food, and a belly full of a sugary orange drink or the fact that it was my last time for the day,  but I was looking forward to the prick of the needle. Like I felt I was just numb everywhere from sitting and waiting and wanted to just feel something. My last and final time of this test getting my blood drawn on my poor right arm that got poked twice. Once the lab technician finished, he said "all done! Have a nice day!". I was super excited to get up, get out, get moving, and get some food and water into my belly!

     Before I left, I asked the technician when my doctor will get the results. He said in 3-5 days and then she will contact me. Now we play more of the waiting game. Am I nervous? Hell yes! Hoping and praying that everything is fine with my blood sugar levels and I DO NOT have gestational diabetes! Please keep Liam and I in your prayers for good test results!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

26 Weeks Pregnant

26 weeks pregnant. 98 more days to go! Boy how time flies!

26 weeks Disney Bump Tracker picture!

     I loved the second trimester and so far am loving the third! Both have been so much more enjoyable than the first trimester. I was miserable during my first trimester due to getting a sinus infection in the beginning and then dealing with the morning sickness. Now that all that has passed, I am finally able to fully enjoy my pregnancy. To some extent, I have my energy back and am pretty much feeling like normal.

    Now this doesn't mean everything is easy. My number one complaint for this week is lack of sleep and leg cramps. I've been having such a difficult time sleeping at night. I cannot sleep flat on my back because the uterus is heavier and presses against a major vein that sends blood from the lower body to the heart. It is said that the best position for me to sleep is on my left side because it increases the amount of blood and nutrients to Liam. What is difficult is that in the middle of the night, I will wake up with leg pain especially in my thighs. I have heard of women experiencing charlie horses, but it's not that kind of cramp. It's like a soreness. I was told to try a body pillow and to put that in between my legs to reduce the pressure, but that still doesn't work. I tried increasing my water intake and I still experience pain. The only way I noticed I can get some kind of relief is by stacking up a bunch of pillows and basically sleeping upright with my legs stretched out.

     As seen in the picture above, my bump is getting more noticeable now! I have finally hit the stage where friends and family are asking to touch my bump. In the beginning, I wasn't fond of it because my bump didn't feel like a bump. It felt more like flubber to be quite honest. Although it was only my mom who was rubbing my tummy and talking to Liam when I was no where close to showing at the earlier stages of pregnancy, I felt super awkward. Now, my bump is a little harder and more defined so I feel a little less awkward. It's still weird though to have people come up and just rub your belly like I'm a little Buddha or something. I don't mind it really, but it's definitely going to take some getting use to and I know its only going to get rubbed more often as the weeks go by.

     I had my doctor's appointment earlier this week and Liam is doing well. My doctor measured my abdomen from the top of my uterus to my pubic bone and said I was growing perfectly. Yay! She also listened to Liam's heartbeat. I'm naturally a big worry wart and of course I'm always nervous on how Liam is doing. At this point in the pregnancy, I've been seeing my doctor every four weeks. That is a long time in between check ups to see how Liam is doing so of course I'm always wondering if he's developing well and is healthy. When she was listening to his heartbeat, she was very quiet and was listening longer than usual. I immediately checked the look on her face and it was calm and no sign of distress or anything. It seriously felt like ages, and even Calvin was a little worried because he later told me he thought she was listening longer than usual too. He also thought Liam's heartbeat sounded pretty fast. But finally she said the words I wanted to hear, "sounds good! He's a happy baby!" Phew! What a sigh a relief.

     For the most part, the appointment went really well. The only thing I wasn't happy with, was my weight gain. I had gained 6 lbs! That hurts to say, but then again I did just eat before my appointment. I got off of work at 1 pm and was obviously starving. My appointment was at 2:45 so we had some time to grab something to eat. I was craving some wings and I was trying to be good and eat a small portion size, but Calvin was starving as well and decided to order the entire restaurant! Needless to say, I ended up eating a lot more than planned. I swear, at this point in the game, my stomach knows no end! So to make myself feel a little better, I just tell myself I did get weighed on a very full stomach. I'm definitely trying to get myself on track and eat better.

       We are finally getting a chance to paint Liam's nursery. Well, Calvin is. I offered to help, but he doesn't want me to be smelling all the fumes. I am extremely excited to see the finished product of his nursery! We have chosen the theme of his nursery to be Monster's Inc, hence the Monster's Inc baby shower. :) I don't want to spoil the plan we have of painting the room, but will definitely be posting pictures once it's completed. I'm also super excited that Babies R Us now carries a Monster's Inc nursey line! I first noticed it weeks ago and the only piece from the collection that they had was the window valance. I kid you not, I checked every single day, hoping and praying that more of the collection will come out. Slowly, more pieces started popping up on the website. Each time I saw a new item available, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I squealed with joy and immediately told Calvin! When I checked two days ago, all the pieces are up online! I have added it to our registry, but I might just have to pick it all up myself because I'm just too worried it will sell out quickly! 

    Other than that, 26 weeks has been a breeze! I'm loving every minute of being pregnant and feeling my little monster move around my belly. I can't believe we have hit the double digit countdown now. These 98 days are going to go by super fast. I feel like I have so much to do and so little time!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Disney Babymoon

     Once we found out our wonderful friends were planning a baby shower for us in Southern California, Calvin and I decided to make a trip out of it. After doing some research, this would probably be the last time I will be able to travel comfortably before Liam gets here. Thus began the start of our Disney Babymoon!

     We headed down to Anaheim on Thursday night around 6 pm. It's about a 5 1/2 hr drive without traffic. Our hope was to leave later to avoid traffic when getting into Los Angeles. Fortunately, we didn't hit any traffic and actually made decent timing! We stopped for dinner at Sonics and stopped twice so I could stretch and use the restroom and made it to the hotel a little before 1 am.

    Although we made good time, it was extremely uncomfortable being a few days shy of 6 months pregnant. From the very beginning of our planning, I was dreading the car ride because I knew I would probably feel extremely uncomfortable, but we weren't willing to spend close to 500 dollars on airline tickets when we could use that money towards Liam! I started the trip sitting in the front passenger seat and two hours into the drive, my legs started to cramp up and I needed to use the potty. I also researched how pregnant women are more prone to blood clots and I needed to get out and stretch at least every two hours. Being the worry wart I am, I was freaked out and made sure I listened to my body and made Cal stop if I needed. Thankfully we made it to the hotel safe and sound!

     My original plan for Friday morning was to get up at a somewhat decent time and head to Glendale to visit the Disney Baby Store, but that didn't happen. First off, Calvin was understandably exhausted from his drive and slept in. I, on the other hand, was up around 7 AM thanks to paper thin walls in our hotel. Not only was there a cheer leading competition with what felt like a million cheerleaders running up and down the halls, but it sounded like 5 people in the room next door to us where at least 3 of them were screaming children. I remember saying to Calvin "no! I'm not supposed to be woken up by a screaming child yet!". So we ended up with a late start and decided to head into Disneyland for lunch.
Lunch at our favorite place to eat in Disneyland, Plaza Inn
 After lunch we headed over to check out the new Fantasy Faire!
So pretty!

I love Figaro!
 Then we decided to go and ride Winnie the Pooh. As we're walking over, I started to feel crappy. It was hot and crowded. At that moment I knew we wouldn't be able to do much after Winnie the Pooh. Disneyland is a totally different experience pregnant. I want to be able to push on and do things, but I get exhausted so quickly. 
Liam and mommy's first ride of the trip.
 Before heading back to the hotel to get a break from the heat and crowds, I had to stop at Haagen Daz for my "Work of Art" frozen yogurt. I don't know why, but I've only found this at the Haagen Daz in Downtown Disney.
Basically my only craving of this pregnancy: Frozen Yogurt

     After getting some rest and relaxation in our room, well as much as the cheerleaders and our lovely neighbors would allow us, we were ready for our evening in Disney. We wanted to do something a little special for our babymoon and decided to book the dessert package for Fantasmic! The dessert package is 60 dollars per person and you get VIP seating as well as a box of desserts. The price is a little steep, but it beats having to sit and wait up to an hour before the show to save a good spot and having to sit on the ground with your bottom and back killing you. Plus, who doesn't like Disney dessserts?! I don't mind paying for convenience!
Waiting patiently in line to pick our seats!
     After we picked our awesome seats, I wanted to head over to DCA for the Mad T Party because our favorite DJ was the White Rabbit! Our amazing wedding DJ is also the White Rabbit DJ for the Mad T Party. We rushed over there to say a quick "hello" and made it just in time as he was coming back on. 
The last time we saw him as the White Rabbit, he asked if we had any children yet. This time we brought him one in the making! How cool are his ears?!

     Before heading back to Disneyland to view my all time favorite Disney park show, I wanted to get a few pics in Cars Land since its so pretty at night. 

     Now off to Disneyland! 
Our awesome seats right in the center!


An assortment of cheeses, crackers, truffles, grapes, sugar cook with fruit filling, chocolate, cheesecake, coconut macaroon, lemon tart, and hot chocolate.
     Fantasmic at Disneyland is such an awesome show! If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do. It always makes me teary eyed no matter how many times I've seen it. When Mickey Mouse comes out in the beginning and does his little performance, I just want to give him a great big hug. Sometimes, if Cal's lucky, I will reenact Mickey's moves. He always gets a good laugh at it. The best part of this show was not only having great seats, being with my love, eating yummy desserts, or watching my favorite show. The best part was right when Mickey popped out on that stage and the music began, Liam was kicking non stop! My little Disney baby is catching on fast. The entire show he would move around and kick. The funny thing is the only time he was quiet and still was when the villain's part was happening. But right when Mickey came back out, Liam was back to kicking. I just kept my hand on my stomach rubbing back and forth and I kept telling him I couldn't wait until he could actually see the show!

     We saw the later show at 10:30 pm and the park closed at 11. So once the show was over, we headed right back to our hotel. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing, and romantic end to the first full day of our babymoon. 

     The next day, we started it off with Liam's Monster's Inc Baby Shower! If you haven't checked it out, I did a recap of it in the previous entry. 

     After the shower, we headed back to our hotel to do a quick costume change! I loved my mint maxi dress I wore for the shower, but I knew it would be extremely uncomfortable to be walking around the parks in. Plus, I had this cutie patootie shirt that I've been dying to wear!
I bought this WAY before Calvin and I were anywhere near getting pregnant, but fell in love with the shirt and knew one day I would have the opportunity to wear it. I'm so glad I made the decision to buy and save it!

How cute is Mickey give little Liam a big hug!
     Unfornately I don't have many pictures from the rest of the day, but we headed back into the parks and hung out with some of my favorite ladies and their hubbies. We went to check out Fantasy Faire again and took some pictures with the princesses. Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella to be exact! The rest of the night we rode a couple rides, had a delicious dinner, and spent quality time together!
Thank you for hanging out with us ladies!
The next day was our last and final day. Boo! We had to make the most of it and we definitely were going to go out with a bang!

     Calvin and I started our day with lunch with our friends at Uva bar. I had the pork flatbread which was alright. I love the flatbread at Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Hotel and this one, in my opinion, did not compare. Calvin got the Uva burger and it was better than my flatbread. Luckily my husband is a sweetie pie and could see I didn't really like my entree so he switched with me.

     After lunch we headed over to DCA to do the Easter Egg hunt they had going on. It was pretty fun. You pay 4.95 and are given a map and stickers of the eggs you're suppose to find. So we walked around the parks finding each egg and attaching the corresponding sticker in its place. Once you have completed your map, you take it back to Elias & Co and redeem your Vinylmation prize! We got Simba!
Our completed map!
During our little hunt, we decided to take a few pictures!
Posing in our wedding reception venue! Who knew a common venue would help us find each other and would lead to a wonderful friendship?!
Love! I may or may not be hiding one of those adorable Easter eggs under my shirt. hehe.
      So Calvin and I were SUPPOSED to be leaving tonight and we had extended our hotel check-out to 4 pm. Before I continue, I love this feature that our hotel had! We stayed at Portofino Inn and for 35 dollars, we were able to extend our check-out time to 4 p.m. I'm not sure what other hotels do this, but it's awesome. Especially if you have a late flight to catch or are like me, a preggo, and need some extra time to rest before driving back home. Now back to the story, it was quickly approaching 3 pm and we needed to go back to the hotel and change for our awesome night we had planned and to officially check out. We said "see you in a bit" to our friends and started our walk to our hotel. While heading over there, I literally begged Calvin if we could stay the night. We had some special dinner reservations, you will find out where very soon, and I wasn't looking forward to another late night drive after a full day in the parks. After some begging, pouting, and a little bit of preggo monster angry eyes, Calvin agreed to spending the night and leaving early the next morning. Woohoo! Now before anyone says anything about how I approached Calvin about staying another night, let me tell you that being pregnant causes me to be easily aggravated, emotional, and uncomfortable. I was determined to stay another night because I knew my body and I knew it was not going to be a fun ride home. Plus, after dinner, Calvin said these exact words to me "Good thing we're staying another night. I don't know if I could drive all the way home". Wifey always knows best!

      Anyways, like I said earlier, we were ending our Disney babymoon with a bang! Thanks to our amazing friends, PB&J, and their friend, we were able to live one of our Disney dreams. 
Club 33 has been on our Bucket List and we thought we would never be able to check it off
And now we finally can check it off!!!
     I cannot believe we were able to dine at the famous and exclusive Club 33. On our anniversary trip this past January, we did the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour which only allowed us inside the lobby and elevator of club 33, but we never got to experience the dinning room or food. We took a similar picture like the one above during that tour, but this time the doors closed with us inside and up we went! AHH!!

Calvin, Liam, and I enjoying the beautiful balcony!

Bay Area Beauties <3
     Today also marked that I was officially 6 months pregnant! To commemorate another month, I wanted to do an extra special bump tracker picture on the balcony at Club 33.
I'm absolutely in love with this candid shot my beautiful friend Jenn took of us! Thank you!
Once we were done taking a bunch of pictures on the balcony and enjoying the view, it was time to head inside and get ready for some delicious dinner. 
Gorgeous place setting that you actually don't get to eat off of, but it was pretty to look at!
First, we were served a delicious Caesar salad

For our entrees, Calvin ordered the chicken

I had the Filet Mignon, well done
     We were with a party of 27 and because our party was very big, our choices on food was limited because we had to be on a contract. We were told by my friends that there is a menu with many different choices to choose from and she kept apologizing that we weren't able to have more of a variety. I kept assuring her that it was no problem at all. Just being there was more than enough for us! Plus, the entrees that we ordered were superb. We were given the choice of salmon, chicken, or the filet. Calvin and I decided to both get something different because we wanted to try as much as we can because who knew if we would ever get the privilege of dining here again. I was a little hesitant to get the Filet Mignon because since I'm preggo, I needed to have the meat cooked well done. I normally like it medium rare and was worried it may be too dry or tough. Let me tell you, oh my goodness that Filet was seriously the best Filet I had ever had. Same goes with Calvin's chicken. It was chicken breast and I'm more of a thigh or drumstick kind of girl. I had the same worry that it would be dry. Again, best chicken breast ever! Calvin and I both finished all our food on our plate. It was definitely well worth it. 

     Then we started to notice that the other guests in our party started getting little glowing Tinks and Pirates. Of course Jenn and I wanted one! 
Mommy's Tink and water. Daddy's Pirate and wine.
     The staff was so kind and took our "order" on how many glow clips they needed to bring out. Soon we were all having a glow party! Yay! 

     Then not long after, it was time for dessert. We had a choice between the chocolate bomb and the cheesecake. Calvin and I both got the chocolate bomb because we both weren't really fans of cheesecake. What are my thoughts on the chocolate bomb? One bite, and that was pretty much all I could take. It was super dense and rich. I think I ended up taking a total of maybe 4 or 5 bites and that was it for me. Calvin completely demolished his into pieces. I asked what happened and he told me that he felt like there had to be more. He thought there might be something in the center so he kept digging. All he found was more and more chocolate!
The chocolate bomb
Before we left, we had to get a picture with the animatronic vulture! He was designed with the intention to communicate with the guests during dinner. How awesome! An actor or Walt would be in the sound room and would listen into conversations the guests were having through mics that were hidden in the lamp fixtures. The mics no longer work, nor does the vulture communicate with guests. Now he just sits comfortably in the corner keeping an eye on the Trophy Room. 
C&C hella loves PB&J. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
 Soon it was time for us to go, but not without one last shot!
Told you we'd end our Disney babymoon with a BANG!
     It was the perfect way to end such a wonderful babymoon. We had an amazing time from our Fantasmic dessert package, to our gorgeous baby shower, all the way to our once in a lifetime dinning experience at Club 33. We are very blessed to have had such an opportunity to revisit our happy place with some of our favorite people doing some incredible things! 

     The next morning as we headed back home, I started to cry. It was a mix of happy and sad tears. A very bittersweet moment. I had finally come to the realization that this would be the last time with just Calvin and I for a very long time. We did a lot of things we won't be able to do for awhile once Liam arrives and any future children. But then the happy part was Liam and our future children. We will now get to experience Disneyland in a totally different and new point of view, through the eyes of our children. I'm excited, anxious, and nervous for when we can finally bring Liam to Disneyland to see the magic fill his little eyes and warm his little heart. Thoughts just kept rolling in my head about how his first ride experience will be or how he will react to meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. Although we had done a lot of "lasts" this trip, the next trip will be a ton of "firsts"! We seriously can't wait to share the Disney magic with our little Liam! It was comforting to know that the next time we'll be at Disney, we will officially be a family of three!