Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a...

      We waited 20 long weeks to find out whether we were going to have a baby Mickey or a baby Minnie. It seemed liked the day took forever to come. We always knew we wanted to find out the sex because we wanted time to prepare not only physically, but mentally as well.

What did Calvin want? 

      He wanted a little girl. Weird right? Most men are anxious to have a little mini me that they can teach sports too and not have to worry about when he becomes a teenager. Not my hubby! He wanted a baby girl and when I asked him why, his response was "I want her to be daddy's little princess". Alright, all together now " awe".

What did I want?

     I've had my plan set up from the beginning. I've always wanted a boy first, so that if anything were to happen to Calvin or I, he would be the protector. Now once I finally got pregnant and really started looking at the baby merchandise, I was wanting a little girl. There is just way too many cute outfits to dress a little girl up in and a lot of cute toys. My mother's instinct and the vibe that I got while being pregnant, was it would be a little boy. I just had this gut  feeling that our little baby baluga was going to be a Mickey!

What did family and friends think?

    All of my family members predicted a girl, especially my mother. She seemed very sure of herself! One of my brothers had said that he wanted a girl so that we could have " a little princess". He is a huge Disney fan like me and works at the Disney Store so he is always seeing the latest and greatest toys for little girls. Calvin's mom and sister were sure it was going to be a baby boy.

Old Wives Tale Predictions

    Of course we had to try the old wives tales to keep us occupied as we waited for our 20 week scan. Here is what we got from them:

  • Craving sweets instead of salty
    • I have never really been a fan of sweets and would rather have another helping to dinner than dessert. Now that I'm pregnant, forget dinner. Bring on the dessert!
    • I hated chocolate pre-pregancy. Now I'll take a chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, etc.
  • Baby girl is stealing my beauty!
    • I've always had a little bit of acne hear and there. Once I got pregnant, zits started popping out everywhere.
    • During the first trimester, my hair on my head was falling out pretty bad. But it was growing in places I've never had it grow before.
  • Wedding Ring test 
    • This is when you take your wedding rings and put it on a string or necklace. Then you hold the string over your baby bump. If the rings start moving in a circular motion, it's a girl. If the rings start moving back and forth, it's a boy. 
    • We tried it directly on my bump and it swayed back and forth, meaning it was a boy. I wasn't convinced and read online that I should try and put it over my hand first then move it over to the bump. The results shocked me. I put it over my hand and it moved in a circular motion since I'm a girl. I then moved it to my bump and it swayed back and forth! I still wasn't convinced. I asked Calvin to come in the room and this time I went from his hand, which swayed back and forth because he's a boy, to my hand, which went in a circular motion, to the baby bump, which swayed back and forth. Crazy isn't it?!
  • Chinese gender predictor calendar
    • Predicted Boy!
     I know at this point you're all probably asking "well what are you going to have?"

     We are going to be proud parents to our baby.......


     Calvin and I are having a little Mickey that we have named, Liam Bradford Tan. We are both very excited! Ultimately we just want a healthy, happy child. So far, he is developing well and everything looks good! We are very blessed and are seriously living on cloud nine!


  1. Those "predictors" are so crazy! According to them I've been expecting a girl for years because I love sweets and my skin isn't that great. LOL

    It's so cool that you're having what you always wanted and I'm excited to meet little Liam. :)

  2. Those old wives takes are pretty crazy! Hehe

    Little Liam is super excited to meet you! <3