Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How We Met

Calvin and I did not start dating until the second semester of our freshmen year in college. When we initially started dating, we knew we attended the same high school and rival elementary/middle schools, but didn't quite realize how close our paths had crossed. 

I'll start with how we first started to interact with each other. The first time I had ever heard of Calvin was senior year of high school. He had the biggest crush on one of my friends and she had mentioned him before when he asked her to prom. Although we've attended the same high school since freshmen year, I was only hearing of him towards the end of senior year. Calvin will tell you another story. When I asked if he knew who I was, he said he remembers seeing my walking down the stairs with my friend freshmen year and he was wondering to himself who I was. I joke with him and say "mmhmm sure...", but he still sticks to his first memory of me. :)

The night we shared our first kiss
Then we happened to go to the same college. I lived on campus and my roommate was my friend from high school. She was friends with Calvin and he would come and visit every now and then. I remember him because of my friend he had a crush on and initially that was how most of our conversations started. He would ask if I had spoken to her or to tell her he says "hi" the next time I speak to her. We slowly developed a friendship which quickly took a turn. I am a very sensitive person and take many things personally. Calvin on the other hand is naturally an asshole. Now that I look back on it, he's one of the boys when you're younger and they pick on you  because they don't know how to tell you they like you. All of my friends in college, especially my roommate, knew that I didn't like Calvin because I felt like he was mean. It was the night of my roommates birthday party that things took a turn for the better. Before we left, she asked if we could just get along for her birthday. I agreed that I would be cordial to him. Well, the end result of that night was that we shared our first kiss on the third bench in front of the dorms. My friends were completely shocked! I don't think that my roommate had told Calvin to be nice too, but for some reason he was a lot nicer than usual. Throughout the night there was a lot of flirting going on and I specifically remember one of my friends pulling me aside and saying "hey, you do realize that's Calvin right?". Needless to say after that night, we were inseparable. I even remember when I told my roommate that we were officially together and she literally laughed so hard that she fell off her chair! That's how much of a shock it was for everyone we knew! 

Our first vacation together to Disneyland in Jan. 2007
Another fun story is while we were together we realized we went to rival elementary/middle schools. Both of our schools would compete in multiple sports and activities. One day we decided to watch one of my CYO cross country race home videos. Calvin jokingly said "wouldn't it be crazy if I was in your home video?" Initially we laughed it off, but when the screen panned over the starting line, there Calvin was about 10 children in between us. We thought that was pretty cool, but it got even better. As we continued to watch and wait for me to cross the finish line. Guess who was right in front of me as I crossed the finish line. Yes, you got it... CALVIN! We had to re-watch the footage a couple of times because we thought it was just so surreal. Now that I think back on it, little did we know that we would get married years down the line! It's just crazy.

It was March 19, 2006 when Calvin asked that romantic question " So what are we?" Every girl's dream right? We joke about it all the time. He claims he was nervous and didn't know exactly how to approach the topic and to make everything official. But I'm glad he asked because here we are 6 years later and happily married! It was 4 years later on my birthday that Calvin decided to pop the question. Stay tuned to find out how!